Treatment centers in Wisconsin offer alcohol intervention and drug intervention services at treatment facilities around the state. There are also several of those rehab facilities that offer a mixture of mental health and addiction treatment services for those in Wisconsin who have a dual diagnosis of mental health and addiction recovery needs.

Treatment programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin include nearly 50 within 40 miles of the city.

The Genesis Behavioral Services, Inc. Milwaukee Outpatient Clinics provide drug intervention and alcohol intervention at their treatment facilities. They offer outpatient and partial hospitalization/day treatment rehab facilities and special programs for adolescents and criminal justice clients. Payment is self-pay on a sliding fee scal, Medicare or Medicaid, or state insurance.

The Recovery Network is a halfway house offering residential long-term or short-term treatment or outpatient treatment at its rehab facilitates.  They provide a special focus on adolescents, and provide Spanish translation in their drug intervention and alcohol intervention programs.

Meta House Family Care Center is an addiction treatment center that focuses their treatment program primarily on women. They offer drug intervention and alcohol intervention on an outpatient or partial hospitalization/day treatment basis with special groups for pregnant and postpartum women and other women.

The Ravenswood Clinic is a full service treatment facility with an outpatient program. They provide special groups and programs for adolescents, persons with a dual diagnosis, pregnant and postpartum women, other women, DUI/DWI offenders and criminal justice clients at their treatment facilities. Their self pay is on a sliding fee scale, and they also accept private and military insurance.

Madison, Wisconsin treatment centers include the Hope Haven Inc. Rebos United addiction recovery center. It is a residential long-term treatment program with particular focus on seniors and older adults, DUI/DWI offenders and criminal justice clients. They accept self-payment, but do offer payment assistance at their treatment faciltiites.

The Mental Health Center of Dane County Integrated Alcohol and Drug Services is an outpatient treatment program. They offer special groups and treatment programs for adolescents, those who have a dual diagnosis and require mental health as well as addiction recovery services, gays and lesbians, men, women, and DUI/DWI clients.