Virginia treatment facilities offer a wide variety of addiction recovery programs focusing on alcohol intervention and drug intervention. They also provide services for those with a dual diagnosis; clients needed mental health services as well as addiction treatment.

The largest city in Virginia is Virginia Beach, where 11 treatment facilities operate within twenty miles of city center.

One is the Sellati and Co. Inc. Virginia Beach Methadone Clinic, specializing in drug treatment. They offer detoxification, methadone maintenance, and methadone detoxification on an outpatient basis. The treatment facility accepts only self-payment.

The Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center offers a mix of mental health and addiction treatment programs to meet the particular needs of those with a dual diagnosis. However, they also specialize in detoxification and buprenorphine services. The treatment program is offered as hospital inpatient or partial hospitalization/day treatment at the rehab facility, and they offer special groups for adolescents, HIV/AIDS clients, and women.

Atlantic Psychiatric Services also provides buprenorphine services and addition treatment at their intervention facilities. Their outpatient program provides special groups for adolescents, those with a dual diagnosis, women, criminal justice offenders, and DUI/DWI clients. They accept both Medicaid and Medicare and state financed insurance as well as private insurance at their treatment facility.

The Norfolk, Virgina area has a large number of excellent treatment facilities, like The Department of Behavioral Healthcare Service SA Outpatient Treatment Services. They provide addiction treatment with special emphasis on detoxification and methadone maintenance. The treatment program is either outpatient or partial hospitalization/day treatment. They provide groups or special counseling for adolescents, those with a dual diagnosis, women, men, criminal justice clients, and pregnant and postpartum women at their treatment facilities.

The Norfolk Community Services Board Substance Abuse Services offers a mixture of mental health and addiction recovery services. They provide a treatment program involving outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization/day treatment services. The rehab facilities offer special groups and programs for those with a dual diagnosis, pregnant and postpartum women, men, HIV/AIDS clients, and other women.

Tidewater Psychotherapy Services also provides mental health and addiction treatment services for those with a dual diagnosis.