Treatment facilities in Vermont are less concentrated than in many other states. However, there are excellent treatment centers offering drug intervention and alcohol intervention, as well as mental health counseling and addiction treatment for those with a dual diagnosis.

Rehab facilities near Burlington, Vermont include the Spectrum Youth and Family Services treatment center. The halfway house provides an outpatient treatment program, with special classes for adolescents, criminal justice clients, and people with a dual diagnosis.

The Howard Center Act One Bridge Program in Burlington, Vermont is a residential short-term treatment program offering addiction treatment and detoxification. The treatment center accepts self-payment or a variety of private and public health insurance options. The Howard Center also has a treatment facility for those clients with a dual diagnosis, and provides mental health and addiction treatment on an outpatient basis for them. The Howard Center has another treatment facility primarily focused on drug intervention, and it offers methadone maintenance and methadone detoxification as part of its drug intervention treatment program.

The Lund Family Center provides a halfway house experience at its treatment facilities. The drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs include residential long-term, outpatient, and partial hospitalization/day treatment programs. They offer special attention to women, with groups for postpartum and pregnant women, other women, and residential beds for clients’ children at their treatment facilities.

Treatment facilities in Montpelier, Vermont are sparser. Still, there are several options within 50 miles of the city. The Washington County Youth Service Bureau Boys and Girls Club provides outpatient treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism. They offer special groups for those with a dual diagnosis, and for adolescents. Pregnant and post partum women, and criminal justice clients. The treatment facility accepts self-payment, Medicaid, and private health insurance on a sliding fee scale.

The Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab program in Berlin, Vermont. They offer a particular emphasis on drug intervention, and have services for detoxification and buprenorphine treatment. Their outpatient treatment program provides special groups for adolescents, pregnant and postpartum women, DUI/DWI offenders, men and women. The treatment facility accepts a wide variety of public and private insurances.