North Dakota

The treatment centers in North Dakota include 21 facilities near the city of Fargo. The Only Human Counseling Services offer outpatient intervention for drug abuse and alcohol treatment. They provide special programs for adolescents and DUI/DWI offenders at their treatment facility.

The New Hope Recovery, Inc. treatment facility is a drug intervention and alcohol intervention program with a special focus on adolescents.  They offer an outpatient addiction recovery program with payments on a sliding fee scale.

Prairie Saint Johns is a full treatment facility offering drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and counseling for those with a dual diagnosis. They have special programs for adolescents, and offer hospital inpatient, residential long-term, outpatient, and partial hospitalization/day treatment at their rehab facilities. They provide translation in Bosnian, German and Spanish at their treatment facility.

Anchorage is a treatment facility in the Fargo metro area offering addiction treatment for outpatients, or for those wanting residential long-term and residential short-term rehab facilities. They have programs for those with a dual diagnosis, persons with HIV/AIDS, gays and lesbians, seniors/older adults, pregnant and postpartum women,  men, criminal justice clients and women at their treatment facility.

The Robert E. Howe Limited treatment facility offers a mix of mental health and addiction treatment services. It is an outpatient rehab facility offering special programs for adolescents, those with a dual-diagnosis, and criminal justice clients.

In the Grand Forks, North Dakota area, there are 13 facilities for addiction treatment.  The Northeast Human Service Center Chemical Dependency Program focuses on drug rehab and alcohol rehab with its partial hospitalization/day treatment program. It also has special groups for adolescents, persons with a dual diagnosis, and pregnant and postpartum women at its treatment facility. The Center offers a sliding fee scale to pay for its addiction recovery services.

The STEP program is a halfway house and addiction treatment center. They offer drug treatment and alcohol treatment in residential short-term and residential long-term treatment programs. They offer residential beds for clients’ children at their treatment facility. There are special groups for pregnant and postpartum women at the rehab facilities in Grand Forks, North Dakota.