New York

There are treatment facilities all over New York, with a concentration of over 500 locations in and around New York City.

AHRC Health Care Inc. provides intervention and addiction recover on an outpatient basis. They have drug abuse and alcohol treatment programs for adolescents, persons with a dual diagnosis in mental health and addiction recovery, pregnant and postpartum women, men, criminal justice clients and women. The treatment facility also offers Spanish translation.

The Lower Eastside Service Center focuses its drug abuse program on methadone clients only. They  provide drug treatment for groups including those with HIV/AIDS, gays and lesbians, seniors and older adults, pregnant and postpartum women, men, criminal justice  clients, and women.  They offer a treatment program for those with a dual diagnosis of mental health issues, and drug intervention in the form of methadone maintenance.

The New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services offers a medically supervised outpatient treatment program. They focus on criminal justice clients and their addiction treatment needs, and offer translation in Russian and Spanish.

There are over 70 treatment facilities in the Buffalo, New York area. One is the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services Family Addiction Outpatient Clinic.  They offer a program for adolescents at their treatment facilities, and provide intervention for those with a dual diagnosis of mental health issues and addiction treatment needs.

The Beacon Center provides alcohol treatment and drug treatment in its outpatient treatment program. Their rehab facilities provide special groups for adolescents, women and men, and offer a sliding fee scale.

The Sisters of Charity Hospital offers a drug intervention program at the Saint Louise Methadone Treatment Program.  The treatment facility focuses exclusively on methadone clients, offering them treatment and methadone maintenance. Their rehab facilities have groups for those with a dual diagnosis and for women.

The Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services at the CD Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit provides drug treatment and alcohol treatment in a residential short-term or a residential long-term treatment program. They offer a sliding scale for  their rehab facilities.

The City of Buffalo DSAS provides the Elmwood Counseling Clinic; a treatment facility that operates on an outpatient basis. Their addiction recovery groups are for women, men, DUI/DWI offender, and criminal justice clients. Their rehab facilities offer a sliding fee scale.