Treatment centers in Nevada include 32 drug intervention and alcohol intervention facilities in Las Vegas. The U.S. Vets have a halfway house for all addiction treatments that operates on a long-term residential basis, and also provides a drug rehab program and an alcohol rehab program as an outpatient treatment.

Westcare Nevada Inc. Community Triage is a treatment facility offering residential short term treatment for drug intervention and alcohol intervention. Their treatment program is a residential short-term program for drug treatment and alcohol treatment, specializing in detoxification. Fees are set on a sliding scale.

The Nevada Treatment Center offers rehabilitation and intervention for addiction treatment, specifically drug treatment for methadone addition. They specialize in detoxification, methadone maintenance, and methadone detoxification on an outpatient basis at their rehab facilities. They offer specific groups for women and men.

The Bridge Counseling Associates focuses on mental health services and the treatment of those with a dual diagnosis needing drug intervention and/or alcohol intervention as well as mental health services. They accept adolescents, women, men, DUI/DWI offenders, as well as other criminal justice clients into special groups at their treatment center. Their treatment facility offers Spanish and Korean interpretation assistance.

Henderson, Nevada rehab facilities include over 30 treatment programs very near or in the city. The Associated Bilingual Counselors offer a drug rehab program and an alcohol rehab program on an outpatient basis. Their special groups include adolescents, men, DUI and DWI offenders, as well as criminal justice clients, and their treatment program is available in Spanish. They accept a wide variety of insurances and state reimbursement payment in their rehab facilities.

Westcare Henderson is an outpatient treatment facility that focuses on drug intervention and alcohol intervention for teens.  They accept private insurance or self-payments, and set fees for their treatment program on a sliding scale.

The Community Counseling Center offers rehabilitation programs in Henderson, Nevada. It is a halfway house for drug abuse and alcohol treatment that operates on an outpatient basis. The rehab facilities have special groups for adolescents, gas and lesbians, persons with HIV/AIDS, women, men, DUI/DWI offenders and criminal justice offenders in their treatment program.