Drug treatment programs in Nebraska along with alcohol treatment programs offer a variety of quality intervention facilities.

In Omaha, Nebraska, there are 31 treatment facilities in and near the city. Lutheran family Services is one treatment program that offers an outpatient service. They are primarily concerned with the mental health of the client, and work well with those who have a dual diagnosis.

For specialty treatment, the Nebraska Urban Indian Coalition has an Inter Tribal Treatment Center, offering drug treatment and alcohol treatment. The addiction treatment center offers residential short-term and residential long-term drug abuse and alcohol treatment, as well as outpatient treatment. They offer mental health services for those with a dual diagnosis, and offer groups focusing on drug rehab and alcohol intervention for adolescents, persons with HIV/AIDS, gays and lesbians, and criminal justice clients.

At least 16 treatment facilities are located in and near Lincoln, Nebraska. The CenterPointe Outpatient rehab facilities is one of the treatment centers. They offer both addiction recovery as well as mental health services for those with a dual diagnosis. They accept many kinds of public and private insurance, and self-pay for the treatment program is on a sliding scale.

The Touchstone Short Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program accepts clients for alcohol rehab and drug rehab on a short-term residential basis, in other words, less than 30 days.

The Lincoln Treatment Center is a drug intervention facility that specializes in detoxification and methadone maintenance, as well as methadone detoxification. It is an outpatient treatment facility.

First Step Recovery and Wellness Center is an outpatient drug treatment center offering alcohol treatment, intervention and drug rehab treatment programs in Lincoln, Nebraska. They offer special groups for adolescents, persons with HIV/AIDS, pregnant and postpartum women, women, men, DUI/DWI offenders, and clients with criminal justice problems at their treatment facility.

The city of Bellevue, Nebraska also has treatment centers; more than thirty in and around the city. Rainbow of Hope is a Bellevue, Nebraska addiction treatment center. It provides drug treatment and alcohol treatment on an outpatient basis. The rehab facilities house many kinds of patients, including adolescents, and persons with a dual diagnosis.