There are over 60 drug treatment and alcohol treatment centers in Hawaii, including those offering facilities for drug intervention and rehabilitation in Honolulu.

The State of Hawaii Judiciary provides some treatment through the Hawaii Drug Court. Those with addiction recovery needs are served with an outpatient treatment program. They offer language assistance in French, Ilocano, Japanese, Malay, and Tagalog for their intervention program.

Paradise Recovery LLC is an addiction treatment facility and halfway house offering both residential short-term and long-term treatment programs, as well as outpatient services.  They make particular accommodations for drug treatment, offering detoxification and buprenorphine services.

The YMCAs around Hawaii offer a drug rehab program and alcohol rehab program for adolescents on the island. Those treatment facilities in Honolulu have an outpatient program with flexible payment programs.
Alcoholic Rehab Services of Hawaii, Inc. is a program focusing on alcohol intervention.  The outpatient alcohol rehab program operates on an outpatient basis and accommodates women, men and criminal justice clients at the alcohol treatment center.

Other Hawaii treatment centers are clustered near Hilo. For example, the Lokahi Treatment Centers and Waiakea Villas provide a mix of drug rehab, alcohol rehab and mental health services for those with a dual diagnosis. Drug abuse treatment is a particular focus, with a detoxification program aimed at adolescents, women and men. They also offer an alcohol treatment center with a program for DUI/DWI offenders.

The Big Island Substance Abuse Council has rehab facilities for adults and also has a school based treatment program for adolescents at the High School. The standard program offers drug treatment and alcohol treatment with an outpatient or partial hospitalization/day treatment program. The adolescent program provides intervention on an outpatient basis. Their group also provides a treatment program at the Waiakea Intermediate School.

Kailua, Hawaii alcohol treatment centers and drug treatment centers in Kailua include 64 different treatment programs.

The Po’Ailanni Outpatient Clinic provides particular attention for those with a dual diagnosis, offering addiction recovery services as well as mental health services. The Kailua program is an outpatient or partial hospitalization drug treatment and alcohol treatment program.

There are more teen-based drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Kailua, including the YMCA Outreach Program focusing on drug treatment and alcohol treatment at the Kailua High School, and the Hina Mauka/Teen Care drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs at Kalaheo High School.