Treatment facilities in Georgia include addiction treatment centers in Atlanta that serve a variety of communities.

The Tangu, Inc. drug treatment center and halfway house offers a variety of rehabilitation programs. They offer a residential short-term program, long-term program, and outpatient program for addiction recovery. Their groups include accommodations for adolescents, women, men and DUI/DWI offenders.

The Covenant Community, Inc. treatment program is a residential long-term program for drug rehab and alcohol rehab. The treatment facility accepts self-pay for their drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Saint Jude’s Recovery Center, Inc. is a residential long-term (over 30 days) drug intervention and alcohol intervention program. The special focus of the treatment facility is persons with HIV/AIDS and women. They offer a sliding fee scale for their services.

Addiction recovery programs in Columbus, Georgia offer drug intervention and alcohol intervention programs as well as mental health services for those with a dual diagnosis.

For example, the Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital is a treatment facility that focuses primarily on mental health services, but also has a treatment facility for drug treatment and alcohol treatment for those with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse challenges.

The New Horizons treatment program, however, primarily focuses on intervention in drug abuse and alcoholism situations. They offer services on a partial hospitalization/day treatment basis, and offer outpatient services in their treatment program. They particularly work to create a treatment program for persons with HIV/AIDS, pregnant and postpartum women, women, men and criminal justice clients.

Serenity Farm is a treatment facility providing long-term residential care for alcoholism and drug abuse. The addiction treatment offers programs particularly focused on persons with HIV/AIDS and women, and provides residential beds for children of their clients.

Savannah treatment facilities include the Savannah Area Behavioral Health Collaborative, which offers a mixture of addiction treatment solutions and mental health treatment. This facility works particularly well for residents of Georgia with a dual diagnosis. They offer a drug treatment center and an alcohol treatment center with a partial hospitalization/day treatment program.

Several Savannah drug intervention facilities offer a particular focus on methadone maintenance and detoxification, including Georgia Therapy Associates and the Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia.